Why you should hire a home inspector

Dec 15, 2016 | News

Everyone deserves a thorough understanding of a home prior to buying it. I started Baker Street Home Inspection to make sure you “Get to Know the Home You’re Buying”.
Mike Baker

One of the most expensive and important purchases you will ever make will be your home. However, unlike most purchases, there’s no money-back guarantee or return policy if you’re not satisfied with your recently purchased home. Once you buy a home, you’re on your own to maintain it, repair it, anticipate problems and pay the bills. This is why it’s best to know as much as you can about potential problems before you buy.
One of the best ways to see if a home is in good condition, livable and safe is to hire a professional home inspector. A properly trained home inspector will review your house as a system, looking at how one component of the house might affect how another component works or how long it will last. Home inspectors will go through the house and perform a complete visual inspection to assess its condition and all of its systems. They will determine the components that are not performing properly as well as items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. They will also identify areas where repairs may be needed or where there may have been problems in the past. Inspections are intended to help home buyers better understand the condition of the house, as observed at the time of the inspection.